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Hello, and welcome to a place where you can learn how to become comfortable with the basics of computer use, as well as learn how to harness and become proficient with the many offerings of "The Web".  First, let's understand what is this "Web", ok?  The "Web", is the interface you use, via a "Browser", to do virtually anything and everything on the Internet!  Oh, and what's a "Browser"?!  Yes, it seems complex, and I want you to understand that it's just like riding a bike - daunting at first, even dangerous!  Yet remember how easy it became, and so quickly?  It's no different for using the web. Let's go in order: There's The Internet, which let's call a reality, and your reality is the cities, and towns and countries full of building, the stores, homes, and parks you like to enjoy and use - that's The Web!.  You'll need to see things first...your browser is your eyes, and feet - that's the browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. I'll study doing graphics this week, and create a page with an overview which will make this easier to understand!  Webs.com is doing this in their "help & support" section, and they are doing a great job!  I encourage everyone to explore this service they offer. 

I have been using computers since 1976, and realized that The Baby Boomer generation has many members who are both apprehensive and lack confidence in using a computer, as well as navigating the many offerings of the internet through the Web.  (It's actually called The World Wide Web, hence the 'www' before every internet address, such as: http://www.enjoytheweb.webs.com  To go the 'whole monty, The HTTP stands for "Hyper Text Transfer Protocol", and yes it's exactly what the words say it is:  It's how the words (text) move (transfer) so darn fast (hyper!)...and it has to be standardized (protocol) so the any device can use the internet's web.  There's only one internet you will use, and one single web lets all browsers see it almost exactly the same, and it connects all the things (websites) it offers.  My business, is to help you, enjoy the web!


For the last 30 years, I have enjoyed helping my peers and friends understand the basics necessary to use computers so that they can, enjoy the Web.  I really enjoy doing this, and especially enjoy seeing how empowered people feel once they have a few sessions to understand the basics!  People just like yourself!

Once you have the basics under your belt, you'll realize that the combination of computers and the web can add so much to your life!  Many things like shopping and seeing family become much easier and fun, you'll even save boatloads of money and time!  You will become a master through the use of 'search engines', which will answer any question you can possibly come up with!

Last year a few my friends who call me whenever they have a computer or internet question, suggested I start a business to help people understand computers and enjoy the web - and voila! Here it is...

 Welcome, to my new business: Enjoy The Web!

Please browse my website (here at webs.com, where anyone can build a website of their own, easily and for free!).  Then just call or write to schedule your first session!  And soon you too, will be enjoying the web! 

Sincerely Yours,

Richard E. Breed

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