I help people enjoy the web...

Enjoy The Web, safely and securely!


I was Born in 1956...and using computers by 1976, and all 28 years of experience is yours!

 My first year of using a computer full-time at work was 1983, where I produced a weekly TV program "Sail Annapolis.  The internet came to my computer screen in 1989.  By 1990 I had my first Edress and built my first website for a 13 week PBS series I created named Sail U.S.A. During my digital life spanning almost 30 years, I have picked up a lot of tricks and insights which I have included in my approach to helping you feel at ease with using any computer, as well as teaching you how to quickly enjoy the web, by designing a fun, pleasant, uncluttered, efficient, practical and powerful Digital Headquarters!  I do the same, inside your computer, and finally double-check all peripherals, and then personalized your computer to do the things you want it to...easily and quickly!

One aspect I enjoy helping friends with, is social media - and if you are new to this digital arena,  get ready for something amazing and fun which is also very, very useful in many ways and on many levels.  If you are both new to Social Media and the internet, think of social media as a kind of heavenly  "Live time & space traveling telephone book!  

To help you learn more about me and my personality, you can visit my facebook page which is "Richard Edwards Breed IV, or my Google+ page "Chard Breed".  

I also enjoy helping my clients with real-world applications and tasks. I am  including on this webpage as you scroll down, the tools I have created this month for this new business...such as cards, promotional stickers and flyers, which are easy computer/web tasks!  {...with some free business advice { ;~) }  Recently I wrote a Day Job Search business plan, and I included the resume/VC, a cover letter and then a 2 page combination of the two.  Something which is very easy to do once you become familiar with computer word processing basics!  ...maybe you'll be both my customer and employer!