I help people enjoy the web...

Enjoy The Web, safely and securely!



$200/8 hour

  Over Time $48/hr

WEBSITES in hours 

Design and build the site

Graphics and Forms as available

Populate it with your original content

Website Fan Membership password sing-in

Facebook Personal Page & Business pages set-up

Web-store w free product branding & Visa/ Pay Pal

Inclu: email account with Yahoo, MSN, AOL or Gmail


 {Travel $20/hr <15 miles or 30:00}

{Rates are "Portal-To-Portal" w/a 15 miles~1/2 hour allowance given.}


 Special Rates for the Mentoring Generation

If you are my age or older, you will only pay $24/hour for your first four (4) hours, and if you decide to take advantage of one of my three start-to-finish packages, you may invite 3 of your friends or family to join us!



 Things do not go wrong, on a schedule, so I will be available by phone, for my standard rate.  Usually, I can settle thing, very quickly.  Take a look at my Peace of Mind Program page, for a fun and easy way to solve most of the problems you'll ever have online or with your computer...and you can also hire me to do something remotely, and either send it to you, complete the task, or it might be something we are planning to complete when we are together and you had something to add: Think Secretary.

Cell Phone Rates!

  Not really a technical wizard on every new phone, but 1/2 hour with me and you will reap all sorts of benefits your phone offers, as well as understanding how to use it as a computer, and even surf the web!  There are so many technologies with the plethora of new cell smart phones, that I myself am puzzled many times.  For that reason, and because I am not the expert with phones that I am with The Web, my rate is $25/hr, $15/half-hour.  Ever wanted to send your grand-kid one of those text messages with all the similes in that new weird language they write in?